Why You Should Still Use Payphones


Now that’s an interesting title isn’t it? Why would you want to use a payphone at all in this age of technology and progress when you can get the new iPhone or the new android and enjoy all the capabilities that come with it? We cover that and more in this article.

Firstly, payphones are still a relevant technology.

Yeah they’re not as good as smartphones but for smartphones you have to pay an expensive monthly fee in order to use them. And by use them I mean text and call other people, not browse the internet as that will set you back a ridiculous amount. Last I checked Rogers was selling it’s cheapest data service for around 60$ US month for a 250 mb. Really rogers?

But I digress; the importance of the usage of payphones lies in the fact of its symbolism to the factual state of the city. The payphone was the first public phone to be used in masses and brings us back to a simpler time. The time where you can say whatever you want without anyone getting offended, the time where there were only 2 genders and the time where people were chiller. But most importantly it was a time where we, the baby boomers grew up and have now stored all of our memories and nostalgia. That is something that you do not want to be gone and thus, you should still use the payphone from time to time.

Secondly, they’re cheap.

If you’re low on income, the payphone is a great option as well cause it ranges anywhere from 10-15c per minute and thus if you only make 2-3 calls a month there’s no point in paying 30-40 dollars for something of such little use. Additionally you don’t need to buy any new smartphones to carry with you as they tend to be pretty expensive if you’re getting one with some solid features. I mean if you’re getting a smartphone might as well just go for a Samsung and if you’re getting a Samsung might as well just go for edge 7 plus seeing and the exploding note 7 has now been discontinued.

Finally, something that you should consider is the fact that the payphone is still pretty much everywhere and if you need to make a call you can just look around and find one at your disposal. Pretty much nobody uses it too so you don’t have to wait for anyone to finish making their call and proceed to yours.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours


Galaxy S8 Rumors

Well it’s that time again. The time to predict what the next Samsung galaxy flagship will contain inside of it. A lot of rumors have been flying around and nothing is officially leaked r confirmed at this point but we can always speculate using logical interpretive analysis. Let’s get into it.


The screen is rumored to be a whopping 3840*2160 4k display with a stunning pixel density of 801 ppi. This is amazingly sharp and much more than normal people would need on the smartphone. In addition it might also up up extra battery. But the biggest benefit of it is VR applications. The higher pixel per inch ratio will allow it to have less of a screen door effect. The screen door effect comes from seeing the pixels separated and the main cause of that in VR applications is because it is zoomed in using the Fresnel lens in order to take up the whole fov. As such, the pixels are blown up on a theoretical 200 inch screen. At that size any and all improvements to the pixel amount will help and the jump to 4k is a considerable improvement for Samsung’s Gear VR. Hopefully they’ll release a new Gear VR with a higher FOV than it currently has now. I partially suspect that the low FOV of current Gear VR headsets is mostly due to the low pixel density which would make stretching it out a bigger issue. With a 4k display, it is more acceptable to stretch it out since you have pixels to spare. However 4k is definitely not the end goal, as the human eye will still tell that something is different. The end goal would be something like a 16k display with eye tracking to focus in on the parts you’re looking at and render low resolution versions of your surroundings.


The new galaxy flagship is expected to have samsung’s new exynos processor with the Mali TM-889 GPU unit. The North American version might also ship with the Snapdragon 821 processor. This processor is probably bullshit cause it might be bootloader locked again causing a heft of issues to any sane person trying to root it. I get it Samsung, you’d rather people not root and then break their phones so you have to replace it with warranty, but the KNOX trip is good enough for those kinds of things, I’d rather not have any ads on my screen and youtube in addition to having a plethora of customization for my phone. All in all, the GPU is pretty solid and it works semi decently.



The galaxy S8 is rumoured to debut a brand new kind of gimmick – a mini projector. Now that’s something that I never thought I’d see in a phone, and I certainly can’t understand any uses of it apart from being in a small dark room and then trying to awkwardly position it to watch some feisty movie while you try to find your bottle of lotion.

It is also going to most likely feature an Iris scanner, same as the note 7 line, in order to keep the galaxy line on point. Talking about the galaxy line, Samsung is likely to completely ditch the flat screen design and instead opt out to have curved displays for all of its flagships in order to differentiate it from all for the Chinese huaweis and whatnot case they’re too poor to be able to make phones that are of such excellent quality.

Finally, I think that this screen might also feature a removable battery in it because they don’t want to have to replace all of the batteries again as that was karma that bit hem back in the note 7 line. The galaxy series is supposed to be a premium poweruser phone, especially the note line which was known for removable batteries and sd card slots. I don’t give a damn if the phone is 0.01mm thinner but is missing an important feature like the sd card slot. Also I don’t care about the premium feel if I can’t remove the battery to replace it when it inevitably starts to fail a few years down the line.  Or make a stupid decision like apple did to completely remove the headphone jack – I mean, who thought that was a good idea? But the apple shill will still purchase the products and that is the main problem here right now in 2016.


So that’s what’s up, the phone is looking to be pretty interesting and hopefully Samsung will surprise us with some great new features like the battery not blowing up in my face or burning my house down. I mean it was quite a surprise but it seemed to work pretty well. Regardless of what happens, I plan on getting it straight for the VR applications as those will be sick.

A Payphone As a Home Phone – Can It Be Done??


So you want to use the payphone for your own home? Luckily for you, that’s something that’s quite possible and a couple of people have already done the hard job of figuring out what to do so you can skip that and go straight to the useful parts.

Why Would You Want to Do It?

Well, it would look nice, first of all. A nice piece of ancient relic that you can use for your home, the payphone will spice up any house. It would also make an interesting piece to discuss with with your guests or relatives that would be visiting. Regardless of the case, there’s no denying that it’s a very unique thing to have in your house. So without further ado, here’s how to do it:

Step 1

First gather all of the ingredients that you may need. The most important ones for now are the key to the pay phone, the t bar to the pay phone and a flat head screwdriver. The key is important to have as you want to be able to open up the software that is locked within the payphone in order to use it for personal use as opposed to the way it was meant to be used for in the first place. The T-bar is a useful tool that will allow you to open up the coin spaces and that in turn allows you to remove any and all coins that were stored there in the first place. But don’t get your hopes up if you decide to open every payphone with the T-bar once you acquire it as different payphones have different T-bars required to open them, so this isn’t a quick way to get money. A quick way is to either become a nightlife performer or get a part time job.

Step 2

Use the T-bar that you have previously acquired in order to open the coin holding area that is located somewhere within the payphone in order to clean out any and all of the remaining coins that are still inside. After you’re done stealing everyone’s money (I kid, I kid) then use the payphone key in order to completely tear open the housing of the payphone itself. After all, you’re not going to shove coins in every single time and get them back like you own your own arcade machine. The difference is that an arcade machine is fun to have but this has more of a practical use.

Step 3

Find where the phone line is connected to. The site usually has somewhere around eight different screws which are usually organized in 2 lines of 4 phone lines that erect from it. The main line is uaully the yellow or red one that has the most girth, so grab that one and tug it a couple of times until it gets off.

Step 4

Now find the ground wire of the payphone. Just look for a big black wire that is running out of the payphone. Once you locate it, you can then wrap it around the main wire, and retighten it. That’s about it for this step.

Step 5

Finally, shut the casing of the pay phone and then you can proceed with locking the casing. After that close the area of the payphone that holds the coins and lock it with the T-bar that you have previously acquired. Plug the phone into the house land line and Ta-Da! You got yourself a sick new payphone home phone.


Note 7 Review – The Battery, The Life and The Screen


The note 7 is the hottest smartphone right now. And I’m not talking about the battery, which overheats and causes fires in people’s homes. I’m talking about the phones itself. With it’s absolutely gorgeous 5.7 inch display, an AMOLED cover and a QHD resolution, it all makes together a really nice package. So let’s get into it, shall we?



So first off let’s talk about that gorgeous screen. As you can guess, this is one of my favoruite features on the note 7 as the screen is something to behold. The AMOLED display allows it to have a fantastic contrast ratio of actually infinite, and this is not the dynamic contrast ratio; this is the normal contrast ratio. Dynamic contrast ratio is really a marketing speak as it doesn’t truly represent the difference between the contrast of the pixels. But in AMOLED’s case, infinite is a real number as you can selectively have certain pixels off in the display. Completely off. No tricks, foolery, marketing, just straight up off pixel on a lit display. I guess you can say that the display is pretty lit though too.



The reason the note is called the note and not the larger s7 edge plus deluxe. The spen is a pretty useful feature and you can potentially use it a lot. You can draw with it, select some things, use it when your hands are covered in gloves, and many other good benefits. Talking about your hands covered in gloves that are also a problem if you’re trying to use the fingerprint sensor with it. No worries as the built in fantastic iris scanner will do the job for it. But more on the scanner below. For now, what you need to know about the spen is that it’s pretty good and even if you don’t have a use for it, the big screen and the nice design of the phone is worth it.

Iris Scanner

You can’t just pump out a new flagship device without some gimmick. The gimmick before was the IR sensor or the air gesture sensor, both of which were alright. But the iris sensor is the real deal and it is actually a pretty solid addition to the Samsung galaxy line. The curved edges are nice but to be honest I’m not a fan of them as they tend to crack much easier and there are no proper full size screen protectors made of lass for the curved display’s as they’re much harder to manufacture as opposed to the flat display. But regardless of the curve, the screen looks fantastic. Back to the iris sensor, the bad things about it is that it takes 2 seconds to unlock your phone a supposed to the fingerprint sensor which is less than a second. In today’s world anything over a second longer to do the same task is not worth it considered by the majority of the people. Which is a shame as it’s pretty sick to open your phone by having your retina, just like those sick James Bond movies. We’re truly living in the future folks, the future is now here.


Pretty standard stuff here. Snapdragon 820 which is pretty garbage as it has a locked bootloader and the exynos 9928 which is a much better option. Both are best in class and are identical to the s7 and s7 edge.



Well, the note 7 is definitely a very solid phone that you might want to use while you’re out on your daily activities. And don’t worry about the batteries overheating as that tends to be a very specific and isolated problem which is rare to occur to you.

Is This the End Of Payphones?


The payphone. A, what was once considered a necessity in daily people lives, now is an obsolete piece of metal on the side of the street. You still see some remains of payphones but they are mostly being replaced. Those that aren’t just shows that it’s not worth even wasting any money replacing those big pieces of hunking metals.

But are they really that useless? I still believe there are some good reasons as to why payphones should still be around. For one, payphones allow you to call people. And calling people is important as you can’t really connect with someone over text. Sure, it is much better to talk to them in person but to be honest talking on the phone is till way ahead of texting. Have you seen the Key and Pele short on texting siblings? That’s how I feel like when I am texting so I understand the need to payphones to still exist.

Back in my day, the good old days before the rise of payphones and the meteoric descries of the skies you can easily see the cries of the outlast’s eyes. More importantly the importance of the key lies in the fact that it is absolutely and insufferably eloquent enough for the average layperson to consider.

The payphones are a simple concept. You drop some pennies in, you wait a bit and you call your mother your gather or even your siblings. If you’re feeling frisky you might even call your crush. Just do it. There’s no shame in being rejected, there’s only shame in not taking action. I get that rejection is basically like feeling pain in accordance to the research of the scientists back in Oxford University.

They ran fMRI scans to find out if being embarrassed actually causes one to feel the same emotions as pain and it does. The same brain regions are activated in both people and it was quite a shocking study to say the least. The most important thing that we learn from this is the fact that you sometimes just have to go for it cause otherwise you’ll just stall there your whole life and die lonely. The pain is ein evitable but the pain of rejection is meaningless compared to the pain of regret. Regrets foil over us all and it is important to realize that we will experience it at some point in our life but at least try to reduce the amount of it that you feel.

In the end, I feel that payphones have come close to ending. Their era has come, stayed and passed. They have served their job extravagantly and now they need to be laid in peace and to rest. Goodbguy payphone my old friend, it was nice seeing you here again. Through the life and the hope indeed, the payphone will flourish once again in the sea. As it lies dead and broken on the side of the street, you can almost hear it weep, so go up to the closest payphone in a sweep and mourn it in silence and meep.

Some Payphone Facts


Welcome back and let’s talk about some payphone facts. Payphones still play a crucial role in some very few people’s lives so let’s talking about them.

There are still roughly half a million payphones in the United States. Those numbers are quite something aren’t they?

The first public coin phone or as they are most commonly known, payphones, was installed in 1889. Damn that’s so far ago, that was before World War 1 and 2. I wonder if the war forces could call each other through it. I can imagine the conversation going like: Yo! What’s up? Something came in the mail for you What Something came in the mail I said For me? Who is this? This is me, ur brother The package contains …..deez nuts! Ha, got em! *hangs up*But in all seriousness, the phones have existed for quite some time now and even the archaeological artifacts have progressed validly through their existence.

It costs roughly 25 to 50 cents for a local call. You can pay via coins, credit card, amex, debit card, cold hard cash, mastercard, visa, credits, check, cheque, and various other forms of payment. Maybe even western union once we get the deal with the Westeros settled in the near future.

Using payphones is still cheaper than using prepaid phone cards and that is another cool little fact about the payphone industry that you may not have known back in the day before you read our amazing blog. We work hard to bring you the best goofs and gaffs, laughs and coughs and news regarding the aging, but still alive, payphone association.If you lets say make around 100 calls a month, this equals out to around 25$. That’s alright I suppose but I’d rather carry a smartphone with me to be honest with you since smartphones allow you to do so many more things with it. Like you can browse the web, text, play games, use them in VR headsets and much more. Additionally they double up as a gps, a camera and a voice recorder all in one. You can blast them and use them like speakers as well in addition to using them with your car via the included bluetooth.

No need to worry though, payphones contains their own benefits too but most of those are for the elderly. The elderly are more clunkier with smartphones and don’t really know how to “work them” since they are so complicated. Which is kind of odd seeing as even 3 year olds can handle touchscreen devices quite well especially those big computer like things, ipads if I recall correctly.

Regardless of the case, payphones have served us and our country amazingly well and for that we have to give them the praise that they deserve. This is why we award payphones editors choice award which will indicate the excellence that it had give to us. A once timeless classic, now withering away on the side of the street, one thing’s for sure; the payphones benefited us more than we would like to admit and for that we give them our thanks.


Top Phones of 2016


Now that we’re pretty deeply into 2016, we can decide as to what the best phones that are currently out are. There have been some good choices made by Samsung including the sexy note 7 and the s7 edge, but will other competitors steal the crown? That and more in the upcoming paragraphs.

So first off, let’s start with the note 7. The not 7 features a gorgeous 5.7 inch screen and a 2560×1440 resolution, same to that of the note 5 and the note 4. Although I was hoping ofr a 4k display, I suppose this display is also alright and it definitely has its pros. It features an AMOLED display which is also fantastic under sunlight unlike the note 2 that I currently own. Under the sunlight it registers up to a maximum of 400 and something nits which is super bright. A nit is a measurement of light and 1 nit equals to approximately 1 candle worth of brightness.

Then comes the s7 edge. There is no s7 edge plus this time as the default s7 edge is already a phablet but since people are getting used to them they’re becoming the standard. The curviness of the display is also aiding the fact that it can be 5.5 inches big and yet only 72 mm wide. The small width helps you to hold the phone out in your hands without worrying if it’ll be too big, a problem that is common in many phablets. Nobody minds a bigger screen but people can’t’ stand when it’s too big to hold, well at least I do. Big phones are also a problem to handle using 1 hand and having a small width can help you in grabbing the phone securely so that it won’t break. And talking about breaking the s7 edge features gorilla glass 4 which is a pretty solid covering meant to resist shattering. Even though the new gorilla glass, the gorilla glass 5 is designed to be dropped at waist heights and stays solid around 80% of the time, the gorilla glass 4 is a solid addition nonetheless.

We also have the iphone 6s plus which is another great phablet. It features a pretty big screen but the problem of it lies in the fact that I order to do any kind of customizations on it you have to jailbreak it which is a pain in the behind to do and it takes your warranty out as well as it’s prone to brick your phone. Nobody wants a 900$ brick in their hands while they slowly cry the tears of sadness because they wanted to customize their phone. On android you can install apks without any rooting by simply enabling the respectful option in the settings menu. This is one of the best reasons in my opinion as to why you should get an android device as opposed to the iphone. You can also get adguard to block all of your ads which is another positive.

In the end, the phones that came out in 2016 are all very solid choices and in the end it’s up to you what you choose to get. I’d personally get the note 5 cause you can still root it and I like the non curvy screen better but it’s, as I sad, up to the people to decide on what they want to get as their new stylish and sleek daily driver.